Our Products
Nash Coffee

Nash White Coffee

Nash Brown Coffee

Nash Milky Irish Choco

Nash Aroma in Taste

Happy Fiesta

Pieces & Stems Mushrooms

Whole Mushrooms

Bread Crumbs

Gulaman King

(Available in 12 Variants)

Kings Vermicelli

Special Vermicelli & Premium Vermicelli

Mc Cody

Mc Cody Natural Spices Seasoning Powder

Queen Ivana

Queen Ivana Pure Cornstarch

Our Golden Story

In 2008, a group of young men and women united themselves, shared one dream with great heart desire to have a place in the world of business by importing high quality consumer products to win the heart of every Filipino household. They named the company “Manila Golden Archer Group, Inc” (MGAGI).

As Manila Golden Archer Group, Inc. (MGAGI) has seen the huge opportunity in the market by selling food and non-food products, the company came up with its brand name “Happy Fiesta” for canned goods, “Cow Valley” for condensed and evaporated milk, “King” for gulaman, “Nash” for coffee and many more.

Today, “Manila Golden Archer Group, Inc” prides itself with its wide range of food and beverage products. It is soon to launch new cosmetic and hair care product lines in the market.

Using its modern manufacturing equipment and facilities, operated by innovative leaders and dynamic people joining the growing manufacturing industry, it’s heading itself to create a benchmark not only in the Philippines but more so, conquering the global market through its best quality products.